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Our life is that of nomads. My husband installs solar farms across the country. I create through my company, Chelsi Graphics, LLC. By trade I am a graphic designer and web developer. In addition, I write blogs, articles, web content, and a few books. My corporate blog is found at which provides small business owners with an education into their online presence.

We travel from state to state in our fifth wheel, as the job requires. Ergo, we look forward to retiring into a toy hauler and choosing our own destinations. My RV blog, is a place for us and others to share their journeys. RV Lifestylers are Tiny Living Road Warriors, both working and retired, “Living Life One Adventure at a Time!”

Nomads at heart, we began photographing our beautiful journey across America. That’s where I Witness Photos began. We’re working on getting our photography catalog up and running.

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